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Briton on drillship airlifted to hospital

Crew member suffered heart attack on drillship off Cyprus, had to wait 12 hours to be airlifted


A 42-year-old British crew member, who suffered a heart attack on a drillship, had to wait twelve hours before he could be airlifted to hospital due to poor weather conditions.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), state authorities were notified on Wednesday evening around 6:40pm that a male crew member on the Stena Icemax drill ship was in need of medical treatment following a cardiac event.

The helicopter could not fly back until the next morning due to poor weather conditions

A police helicopter was dispatched to the ship along with a medic who offered first aid to the patient. But it could not fly immediately back to the hospital due to severe weather conditions in the area. 

A yellow alert had been in effect through 10pm due to rain showers and possible hailstorms. The helicopter finally took off Thursday morning and landed on the helipad of Nicosia General Hospital around 7:10m.

The patient was said to be in stable condition.

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