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Judy Garber confirmed ambassador to Cyprus

Senate approves dozens of nominations just before a deadline expired Wednesday night


The US Senate has confirmed the appointment of Judith Gail "Judy" Garber as Ambassador to Cyprus along with nearly two dozen nominations to other countries on the final day of the 115th Congress.

According to media reports, more than 60 nominations by US President Donald Trump were confirmed by voice vote on Wednesday night, hours before a deadline to either approve them or force the administration to nominate them.

Judy Garber is a US career diplomat who served as Ambassador of the United States of America to Latvia. She also served as the acting Assistant Secretary for Oceans, Environment and Science at the Department of State.

Garber’s nomination was announced back in August and she appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations committee in October.

According to media sources, Garber is expected to be sworn in later this week during a state department ceremony. She will replace Kathleen Doherty, the current US ambassador to Nicosia who was nominated by former US President Barack Obama.

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