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Russian tourists rescued in Paphos Forest

Two women call for help at the same spot where last week two Chinese sightseers were lost for hours


Two Russian tourists have been rescued in the Paphos Forest following a mechanical problem with their rental car at the same spot where a Chinese couple had the same fate a week earlier.

According to police, the two women aged 60 and 63 were driving in a remote area of the forest in Paphos, at the abandoned village of Vretsia, where they lost their bearings.

Police dismissed the report that the women’s car had a mechanical problem, saying they simply couldn’t drive further

A police spokesperson dismissed the report that the women’s car had a mechanical problem, telling Knews they simply couldn’t drive further and contacted authorities around 7pm to get help in getting back on their way.

The two women were met by police officers who helped them get back to their hotel in Paphos.

similar incident took place ten days ago when two sightseers from China went on a search of an old Venetian bridge and got lost for several hours in the forest.

The couple, a 35-year-old male and a 31-year-old female, lost their bearings in the southern part of Paphos Forest while driving in search of Routhkia bridge, about 3 kilometres north of the Turkish Cypriot village.

They contacted authorities and were later spotted with the help of a helicopter late into the night, making it back to their rental place in Limassol safely after 1am.

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