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Cypriot arrested in NY for alleged synagogue theft

George Theodoulidis was arrested after he was located following his unexplained disappearance


In a surprising turn of events, George Theodoulidis, who had been the subject of concern due to an unexplained absence, was arrested, drawing public attention. His disappearance prompted relatives to take to social media seeking information.

According to international reports, Theodoulides was apprehended on Sunday morning, November 26, at 8:42 am, accused of stealing religious items valued at $5,000 from a Jewish synagogue.

The Williamsburg News has obtained and released closed-circuit surveillance footage purportedly depicting Theodoulidis inside the synagogue and his subsequent arrest by local law enforcement.

It is reported that the 22-year-old had declared Texas as his permanent residence and was staying in an apartment belonging to friends in the Brooklyn area. Notably, George Theodoulidis is said to have a clean criminal record.

[Information sourced from 24News]

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