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Education minister pushing for all day schools

Athena Michelidou hopes to bring real changes for kids - more time, more skills, more fun


The Ministry of Education in Cyprus, led by Minister Athena Michaelidou, is on a mission to supercharge the all-day school scene. The goal? Give kids more time to learn and develop skills in a school setting.

According to a report in PhileNews, the Ministry is pushing for the widespread adoption of all-day schools in primary education, with a trial run in secondary education. The strategy focuses on five main aspects:

1. Improved Learning Environment: Implementing changes to create a more comfortable and organized setting for students.

2. Structured Curriculum: Developing a detailed plan for subjects and activities during the extended school day.

3. Seamless Integration: Establishing a direct link between regular school hours and the all-day program, both in terms of teaching and administration.

4. Administrative Support: Providing ongoing support and evaluation for the all-day school system.

5. Teacher Training: Ensuring teachers are well-prepared for the extended school day.

The concept of all-day schools originated in 1999 to accommodate the needs of working parents. Currently, there are 220 such schools in operation, serving over 7,000 students. The upgrade involves a shift away from hiring additional teachers solely for extended hours and a focus on enriching after-school activities.

The Ministry is excited about the upgraded all-day school system, anticipating a boost in students' overall growth by enhancing their skills. This improvement aims to make learning more personalized, catering to individual student interests and creating extra opportunities for socializing and getting creative. Students can look forward to dedicated time for homework and tackling academic challenges, along with a more dynamic experience featuring additional sports, arts, and extracurricular activities. The goal is to bridge gaps between students in regular and all-day classes, keeping everyone positively engaged to prevent behavioral issues. Plus, the upgraded system aims to kick back against too much screen time and make the most out of school facilities well beyond the usual hours. It's all about making school a more engaging and enriching experience for everyone.

[Information sourced from PhileNews]

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