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Cypriot brothers in Fiji will make their plea in June

The two men are jointly charged with 293 counts of money laundering


Defence lawyer Mark Anthony representing two Cyprus nationals charged with money laundering told the Fiji High Court that his clients were not ready to take their plea.

The two accused Cypriots, Loizos Petridis, 42, and Cleanthis Petridis, 46, appeared in court on Monday.

The two men are jointly charged with 293 counts of money laundering.

They were arrested on December 19, 2017 and were released on bail in Suva on February 23, 2018.

However, their bail was reversed on April 12, following an appeal by the Prosecution to the High Court and they were remanded accordingly.

State lawyer Saif Shah filed and served information in court and indicated that he would be filing disclosures on the next court date.

He also said there were no admissions in their caution interviews.

Anthony requested for another date to be given for the accused to make their plea.

He also informed the court that his clients spoke English.

The lawyer said his clients were not given access to a telephone in the Suva Remand Centre to contact him or their family in Cyprus.

The two men were further remanded in custody and their case has been adjourned to June 4, for a plea to be made.

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