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Cypriots beef up home security in wake of horrific crimes

Baseball bats, double and triple locks back in demand as families fear for their safety


Cypriots are beefing up home security in the wake of horrific and largely unexplained crimes, despite police saying crime has gone down on the island.

Following a number of reported back-to-back home invasions and murders, heads of families are installing extra strength locks on their doors and keeping baseball bats next to their beds, even knives, according to daily Phileleftheros.

Businesses that deal with home security are reportedly getting more calls this period due to a general fear that crime could become indiscriminate, including theft and murder. A popular metal bar behind the door is becoming a popular item, according to media reports.

In some instances, people are asking to install metal grids outside their glass windows, as police believe suspects in recent crimes were attempting to burglarize homes

In some instances, people are asking to install metal grids outside their glass windows, presumably following reports of the horrific Strovolos double murder and the Aglandjia murder of a retired teacher, where police believe suspects were attempting to burglarize the residences.

However, in one case, local media said the suspect in the Strovolos double murder was himself a contractor who reportedly installed residential windows on the house of the victims years earlier.

People also have taken out large sums of money following rumours that there could be another haircut, mainly customers at the cooperative bank. It is expected that depositors are reviewing their decisions and could be heading back to the bank to deposit large sums of money.

Despite police saying crime has gone down in recent years, fear among public continues to be high due to recent horrific crimes.

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