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Cyprus aiming for 100,000 vaccinations by March end

The Health Minister said lost ground due to delays will be covered as Cyprus has ordered far more vaccines than the local population will need


Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said Wednesday that the Republic is aiming toward reaching the 100,000 mark in number of people vaccinated by the end of March.

While announcing the gradual relaxation of current measures set to begin on Monday, Ioannou said that despite the delays in vaccine deliveries, Cyprus is confident that it will make up for lost ground as the number of vaccines ordered by the island far surpasses the population.

He added that the interest of the population for the jab turned out to be much higher than initial estimations.

By early March, Ioannou said that the aim is to see the entirety of the 80+ age group and frontline healthworkers vaccinated, while by the end of March, the Republic hopes to see 100,000 people vaccinated against the virus.

“In this way, we’ll unload weight from the healthcare system and simultaneously fortify it, protecting fellow human beings who are at increased risk of serious illness and hospitalization,” Ioannou said.

He added that “fortification from vaccinating a critical group of the population will allow us move along with the plan of de-escalation with greater confidence and safety.”


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