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Cyprus condemns US congressman's illegal visit to Turkish-occupied north

Visit violates UN resolutions and sparks diplomatic concerns

Newsroom / CNA

The Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a strong condemnation of the recent unauthorized visit made by American congressman Pete Sessions to the Turkish-occupied north of Cyprus. The ministry pointed out that the visit was a deliberate decision by Congressman Sessions, in clear violation of the relevant Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, and seemed to be serving undisclosed motives.

In an official press release, the ministry referred to the visit as "illegal" and firmly denounced it as a breach of international law and a departure from the official stance of the United States.

"The aforementioned illegal visit was undoubtedly a conscious decision made by Congressman Sessions, challenging the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions and seemingly pursuing other undisclosed objectives, including the creation of certain impressions," the press release stated. It further explained that in the case of Mr. Sessions, unlike others, prevention of the visit was not possible due to his historical connections with Turkey.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the Republic of Cyprus is actively engaged in direct and close communication with the United States concerning this matter. This communication is guided by their longstanding cooperation, rooted in the official position of U.S. authorities on the Cyprus issue, which remains unwavering and aligned with international law.

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