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Sparks fly as invitation sent to T/C 'mayor' of Famagusta

Fierce reactions as Famagusta mayor invites Turkish Cypriot 'mayor' to high-stakes gathering, sparks national debate


The invitation extended by Famagusta Mayor Simos Ioannou to the so-called Mayor of the Turkish Cypriots of Famagusta, Suleiman Ulutsai, to participate in the municipality's anti-occupation event has triggered various reactions. President of the Republic Nicos Christodoulides is aware of the matter. The political parties of DIKO, EDEK, and ELAM condemned the action, while the DIPA expressed the view that Suleiman Ulutsai's participation in the event could be seen as a shared expression of the will to resolve the Cyprus problem.

Simos Ioannou disclosed, during an interview on RIK's radio program, that he informed the President about Suleiman Ulutsai's attendance at the event, and the President's response was, "Okay, we will hold our anti-occupation event, and I will talk to the man."

Regarding the council meeting, Ioannou stated that it was a regular session where the event's program was approved. While the ELAM councilor expressed disagreement, all other attendees approved the program. EDEK and the councilor of the former Solidarity party reacted to the invitation by sending letters.

Simos Ioannou clarified that all parties except the EDEK and ELAM consented to the invitation. The invitation was extended by Nikos Karoullas, the Councilor and Chairman of the Cultural Committee, in consultation with the Municipality.

DIKO, in a statement, criticized the invitation as a challenge and conveyed that the pseudo-institution of occupied Famagusta should not be present at an anti-establishment event condemning the Turkish invasion and continued occupation.

EDEK also deemed the invitation unacceptable, stating that the so-called "mayor" of occupied Famagusta has usurped the town hall and welcomed the settlement of Famagusta, which goes against UN Security Council resolutions.

ELAM expressed its strong disapproval of the events in the occupied Famagusta municipality, emphasizing its commitment to opposing the occupation and colonization.

While DIPA believes that the invitation can be interpreted as a collective expression of will for a solution to the Cyprus problem and should be handled carefully, so it is not misconstrued as a routine social event.

Overall, the invitation has sparked a range of opinions and discussions, highlighting the complexities of the Cyprus problem and its impact on various political perspectives.

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