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Border barbs: Former Minister takes on migration policies

Former Minister, Nikos Nouris, criticizes Interior Minister's statements on migration issue and barbed wire


Nikos Nouris, the former counterpart of Interior Minister Konstantinos Ioannou, didn't hold back in expressing his dissatisfaction with Ioannou's recent statements on the migration issue and the barbed wire along the green line. Speaking on "SPOR FM 95.0" and the program "DIASPORA NEWS," Nouris described Ioannou's view that the barbed wire could be politically dangerous as unfortunate, emphasizing that they must prevent the division of their country by any means necessary.

"I am open to criticism, but what I cannot accept is the claim that our actions have politically damaged the country," Nouris stated firmly.

In response to the report that some European officials were displeased with the barbed wire fence, Nouris argued that they engaged in a diplomatic struggle and succeeded in securing funding for the construction of pre-development projects in the Lakes, Pournara, and Kofinou, despite opposition. He noted that other European Union members have resorted to constructing fences to address migrant influxes at their borders, and Cyprus had to do what was necessary to protect its territory.

The former Minister highlighted the importance of the barbed wire fence as one of three measures to prevent illegal immigration, alongside cameras and border guards. He stressed that without the fence, people would face migrants directly, removing the ability to repel them.

While Nouris acknowledged the new government's right to implement its own policies, he underlined the achievements of their previous administration and noted that criticism regarding the fence often stems from ideological differences.

Furthermore, Nouris criticized those within political circles who are hesitant to address migration flows and asked for concrete solutions from those who oppose the fence.

Regarding the claim made by Ioannou that migratory flows decreased by 50% in the last four months, Nouris pointed out that the situation in southern Europe shows a recession in arrivals, which is likely not a miraculous development.

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