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Surf's Up! Ministry boosts lifeguard services on Cyprus beaches

Interior Ministry takes action to ensure bathers' safety and protection


The Ministry of Interior is actively implementing measures to improve the quality of lifeguard services on organized beaches, prioritizing the safety of beachgoers, according to a recent statement from the Ministry.

Addressing concerns raised in reports, the Interior Ministry acknowledges the issue of insufficient lifeguard staffing, particularly in the Limassol and Famagusta districts.

Through the Provincial Administrations, the Ministry has been overseeing the National Beach Safety Plan "SALAMIS" for nearly two years, leading to 416 successful rescues in 2022 and 2023.

Significant progress has already been made in the registration of beach lifeguards as a profession, establishing a uniform recruitment procedure and criteria to ensure qualified personnel are hired for beach surveillance.

Moreover, the Ministry has invested in new lifeguard equipment and is collaborating with the Provincial Administrations to procure additional necessary resources.

In 2022, the Ministry took the initiative to erect or replace 45 lifeguard towers nationwide.

To address winter beach staffing, the Ministry is in the process of recruiting additional permanent staff, particularly in the Famagusta Province. Other provinces are also considering the need for additional permanent positions. Shortages in seasonal staff are primarily observed during the summer months, affecting seasonal 3-month and 4-month posts.

In an effort to enhance lifeguard coverage on organized beaches, the Ministry has approved an extension of lifeguard coverage hours in Larnaca, Famagusta, and Nicosia during peak months by an additional 2 hours per day.

The Ministry of Interior reassures the public that it will continue issuing periodic notices to keep the public informed about lifeguard staffing at beaches, ensuring their safety and protection while enjoying the coastal facilities.

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