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Mouth-to-mouth by lifeguards prohibited

The ongoing pandemic means lifeguards can only deliver CPR, but not mouth-to-mouth resuscitation


With the island’s coronavirus outbreak still ongoing, lifeguards will only be able to deliver CPR, but not mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, Larnaca lifeguard Andreas Kapatais said all lifeguards have received specialized training on how to deal with emergency cases that may arise at beaches, as the pandemic has altered the contact that lifeguards can have with beachgoers in danger.

“It is no longer permitted to give mouth-to-mouth to people who are dealing with health problems at the beach, and lifeguards can only provide CPR until an ambulance arrives to transfer the patient to hospital,” Kapatais said.

Lifeguards will also be required to wear gloves and masks.

Kapatais said lifeguards are watching over 13 beaches in the Larnaca district from 7.30am until 3pm.

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