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Cyprus targets young adults with alms for jabs

Government partners up with businesses, days away from announcing vaccination incentives for young people


The Cypriot government is expected soon to announce incentives that would encourage young people to get vaccinated, while subsidized hotel stays for those who got the jab begin later this week.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, Citizens Commissioner Panayiotis Sentonas convened a broad meeting on Monday at the Presidential Palace to discuss incentives for young people aimed at boosting vaccination rates within this age group.

In a written statement, Sentonas said the goal of the government was to “partner up with private businesses and public companies in order to offer incentives that would promote vaccinations among the youth.”

Sentonas, who recently became commissioner after his tenure as deputy government spokesperson, held a brainstorming session with industry leaders as well as representatives from science and education in order jot down ideas to boost vaccinations among youth, in addition to current measures such as young conscripts getting a five-day honorary leave of absence.

The commissioner said he hoped in the coming days to finalize the procedure, which would be followed by an announcement.

While Cyprus would not consider cash for jabs, it has followed Greece's example where dividing areas between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated was thought to have boosted overall vaccination rates

Cypriot government officials have been focusing on incentives for the youth after Greece announced a similar scheme but with cash awards.

While Cyprus said it would not consider cash for jabs, saying it wanted to avoid endless debate, it has followed the example of Athens where dividing areas between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are thought to have boosted overall vaccination rates.

Earlier this month, vaccination appointments rose in both countries after incentives and counterincentives were announced in Athens and Nicosia.

Previous incentives in the Republic of Cyprus for boosting vaccinations amongst the general population have included state subsidies for hotel stays, allowing citizens and permanent residents in the Republic of Cyprus to enjoy a 35% discount on their hotel double room rate with a 3-day minimum stay, provided they are either vaccinated with at least one dose against COVID-19 or the state has official record of their recovery from the virus within the last six months.

Eligible persons, both adults and children, may choose any participating hotel or apartment complex, including agritourism venues, where they will be asked to pay only 65% of the rate officially listed under the government scheme with a cap at €80, including breakfast, from July 15 through August 31.

A similar “domestic tourism scheme” regardless of vaccination status is also currently running from June 1 through November 30, but the plan has a lower cap at €60 and does not cover the months of July and August.

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