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Mother jailed over detained daughter’s case

Woman accused of trying to influence police investigation in daughter’s suspected theft case


A mother in Paphos has been arrested on witness tampering charges, after she reportedly attempted to get her daughter off the hook in a case of suspected theft and possibly other charges.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, the mother was remanded in custody on Tuesday for three days on suspicion she attempted to influence the course of a police investigation, in which her daughter was a detained suspect.

Local media said the woman, described as a permanent resident in her late 50’s, was being accused of trying to persuade a complainant, through a third individual, to withdraw a case against her daughter, who is in her early 30’s.

The young woman, who was arrested last Wednesday and remanded in custody for five days, has been implicated in a case involving the theft of a wallet in Paphos according to police sources.

The daughter was due to be released when allegations against her mother emerged, while the identity of the intended influencer was not made known

She was due to be released when allegations against her mother emerged, while neither the identity of the intended influencer nor the time of the alleged attempt was made known.

But CNA reported that the daughter was also being questioned about an ongoing investigation into stolen commercial goods, while further details were not made known.

Last week four other suspects aged between late teens and early 30’s, were arrested in Nicosia in connection with multiple offences, including shoplifting.

A security camera at a perfumery on Ledra Street showed two young females grabbing perfumes off the shelves and placing them into large bags, with the value of stolen goods estimated at approximately €950.

The two women were later arrested along with two male suspects believed to have been involved in the case, with Nicosia police finding in their residence brand new clothes and shoes, also believed to have been stolen.

Nicosia police said they were investigating multiple offences including conspiracy to commit a felony, theft, illegal possession of property, and illegal gains.

Police have not drawn any links between the two investigations.

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