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Mom finds daughter’s nude video online

Young man arrested on child porn charges in possible revenge porn case over teen's private video


A young man has been arrested on child pornography charges after the mother of a teenage girl saw a nude video of her daughter online and contacted authorities.

According to police, an 18-year-old male described as a Nicosia resident was arrested on Monday in connection with the case.

Police said a woman filed a complaint on Saturday regarding a video that was being shared amongst teenagers, with the content described as showing her teenage daughter completely naked in a video.

Investigators say the video was first shared in 2017, where the woman’s daughter reportedly sent the video in private, as well as several nude photos, to another underage recipient.

During the course of the investigation, law enforcement agents arrested the suspect on suspicion of multiple child porn offences, including possibly acquisition and possession of child pornography, as well as providing, transmitting, and sharing child pornography.

It was not made fully clear whether the suspect had been the original recipient of the video back in 2017, with police telling Knews the suspected offences in the case could be narrowed down during the course of the investigation.

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