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Men arrested in Limassol sex tape extortion

A young woman from India was forced to pay up and have sex in a money extortion scheme


An Indian woman in Limassol led undercover cops to the arrest of two of her three tormentors, who were using a sex video to extort money and gain sexual favours.

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Two Indian males, aged 22 and 25, were arrested on Sunday and another Indian national is wanted by police in connection with a money extortion case against a female housemaid from the same country.

The woman agreed to pay an amount in order to make the threat go away, but phone calls kept coming in asking for money and sexual favours

The woman had been approached by one of the suspects, who called her on December 15 and demanded €1500 otherwise he would publish a private video that showed revealing scenes between the woman and another young man from India.

The video showed the woman and her boyfriend having sex, while at least four clips were reportedly recorded showing a number of sexual acts between the young couple. It is understood that the man in the video was out of the picture as he had already departed the island.

According to local reports, the woman agreed to pay €400 in order to make the threat go away while more phone calls kept coming in. In one instance, one of the Indian suspects called her on Sunday, February 3, and asked to meet so that she would hand over €250 but also have a sexual encounter with him.

Police, who were already tipped off by the woman a day earlier, told the woman to go ahead and arrange a meeting while undercover cops would be in the area.

When the man came to meet the woman at a pre-arranged location, police arrested him and later detained a second suspect who was staying nearby. During a search, investigators found and confiscated three mobile phones, condoms, one pill, and €170 in cash.

Cops also found the four sex videos saved on the three mobile phones, with one suspect admitting to the crime and a third suspect still remaining at large. Investigators believe the third individual also took part in the money extortion scheme.

The suspects are facing multiple charges including conspiracy to commit felony, extortion, and violation of privacy.

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