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Man finds shrapnel grenade in Larnaca

Bomb squad called out to Aradippou after concerned citizen finds hand grenade in built-up area


Larnaca police officers were on full alert on Monday after a hand grenade was found at a local community out in the open within a built-up area.

According to local media, a private citizen spotted a defensive hand grenade in an open space within a built-up area in Aradippou, Larnaca district.

Police said they were notified Monday afternoon around 4pm regarding a shrapnel grenade in the area, which appeared to be oxidized but still operational.

Law enforcement agents rushed to the scene where they sealed off the area, with bomb squad officers setting off the grenade in a controlled environment around 6:30pm.

What do do if you spot a grenade

An official statement from police also called on members of the public to keep calm in case they spot a dangerous or suspicious item, such as a missile or grenade, and keep away while also advising fellow citizens to remain at a safe distance.

Police authorities should then be notified, with the citizen providing as much a detailed description as possible but without ever touching or moving the device.

It is also advisable that a responsible person remains in the area to alert others and deter anyone from approaching the device until officers arrive at the scene.

The Aradippou police station is investigating the incident.

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