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Cyprus in ECDC red category

Along with the majority of EU countries, barring Greece and Finland, Cyprus is part of the ECDC's red category indicating daily cases are over 150 per 100,000 people


The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) marked Cyprus in its red category along with most other EU countries, indicating that daily new coronavirus cases amount to 150 (or more) per 100,000 people.

The ECDC has included the majority of EU member states, barring Greece and Finland, in its red category.

In its green category, the ECDC included the Epirus region, the Ionian Islands and Greenland. The ECDC does not collect data on the UK, Switzerland, non-EU Balkan countries, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Its maps are updated weekly.

Commenting on the island’s high positivity rate, member of the government’s health advisory committee Dr Constantinos Tsioutis said current restriction measures appear to bearing fruit, particularly in certain districts, but the transmission of the virus among the local community remains at high levels.



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