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Health Ministry announces three deaths, 241 cases

Daily new cases are showing a noticeable drop, but hospitalizations are reaching new highs, which Cyprus hospitals now treating 202 patients of which 59 are in critical condition


The Health Ministry on Thursday announced three coronavirus fatalities and 241 new cases, raising the death toll to 166 and total cases to 28,365.

The fatalities involved three men, aged 79, 75, and 76, all of whom suffered from underlying health conditions.

The new cases emerged after 10,328 tests were conducted. Of the 241 new cases, 107 involved people who tested positive to a rapid test.

The remaining 75 were contacts, five were arrivals to Cyprus airports, 33 were people who took the initiative to get tested, 20 were people who got tested at general hospitals, and was tested either upon the referral of their GP or as part of special health groups.

Cyprus hospitals are currently treating 202 patients, 59 of which are in critical condition.

60 patients are in the Famagusta general hospital, four of which are in the ICU. The Nicosia general hospital is also treating 79 patients, 32 of which are in the ICU. 60 more coronavirus patients are at the Limassol general hospital where eight are in the ICU, while an additional three are at the Makario hospital in Nicosia.

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