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Cyprus launches program for children with behavioral challenges

Education Minister announces pilot program to address extreme behaviors in students


Cyprus is launching a pilot program in September for alternative schooling for children with extreme behavioral issues, the Education Minister said Friday.

In an interview with "SPORT FM 95.0" and the show "Diaspora News," Athena Michaelidou said the program will offer alternative schooling to children who exhibit extreme behavioral issues and meet specific criteria. These children will be removed not only from their classes but also from their schools, and will attend alternative schooling in a different setting, she said.

Michaelidou clarified that the program will begin its pilot phase in September, adding, "It's a very sensitive issue and it's very important for us to cover the curriculum and cultivate the skills we want."

Asked whether such facilities will be available in all cities, the minister said, "We are still in the planning stage, but we should be able to announce it before the end of the calendar year."

In relation to the decision to create private universities in Greece, Michaelidou said the government has already announced its intention to propose measures for the upgrading of Higher Education in Cyprus within May and for this reason, "we must help the coexistence of public and private institutions."

She explained that the Ministry is working on four axes: the internationalization of Cyprus as a Higher Education hub, the connection of study programs with the needs of the job market, potential improvements to existing legislation, and encouraging foreign students through scholarships.

Asked if we will see a decrease in the 38% of students coming from Greece, the minister expressed the view that "there is a possibility of a decrease, but we do not believe it will happen immediately because we are increasing and improving our programs and we have a plan to attract more students, not to depend only on specific countries."


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