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US Ambassador to Greece wants more US-Greece flights

George Tsunis advocates for increased air connectivity, highlighting Thessaloniki's tourism potential and the need for diverse investment in Greece's tourism sector

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

US Ambassador to Greece George Tsunis stressed on Thursday the need for more flights from the United States to all of Greece and in particular Thessaloniki.

Speaking at the conference “Greece Talks_Thessaloniki: Thessaloniki on the tourist map,” he referred to initiatives to increase the air connections between the US and Greece, and clarified that “We are pressing on this, not only to increase them but to bring them to Thessaloniki as well.”

He stressed that United Airlines would be the most likely candidate airline to do so, due to the connectivity that is necessary, that is, people coming from the US, going to Thessaloniki and then able to travel to the Balkans.

Tsunis further noted that there are no flights from Miami, Texas, Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the second largest market in the US, Los Angeles.

He emphasized that continuous investments should be made in airports and further mentioned the prospect of strengthening the cruise industry.

The US ambassador also noted that while Americans have discovered Greece as one of the most popular destinations in the world,thre is also a need to diversify the way they see tourism in Greece.

Finally, Tsunis pointed to the need to diversify the tourism season and expand the tourism product, with investments in infrastructure such as golf courses.

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