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Humanitarian aid unloaded in Gaza

Cyprus initiative gains international recognition


In a significant development, the unloading of nearly 200 tonnes of humanitarian aid, including food, from the non-governmental organization "Open Arms" ship has been completed in Gaza. Despite the challenges and darkness, the mission proceeded, aiming to alleviate the hunger and suffering of the people in Gaza. The vessel underwent a thorough security check before the unloading, given the enclave's total siege by the Israeli army since October 9. Among the cargo unloaded were vital supplies like rice, flour, and protein, critical for the inhabitants of Gaza, particularly during Ramadan.

The completion of the unloading marks a crucial step in the ongoing humanitarian efforts, with preparations underway for a second ship loaded with hundreds of additional tons of food to depart from Cyprus to Gaza. The initiative, supported by the UAE Foreign Ministry and President Nicos Christodoulides, seeks to address the urgent need for aid in Gaza, where access to essentials is severely restricted.

Meanwhile, President Christodoulides expressed satisfaction with the international recognition of Cyprus' Amalthea initiative, emphasizing the goal to provide maximum humanitarian assistance to Gaza. He highlighted the collaborative efforts with various countries and the establishment of a special fund to finance the purchase of humanitarian aid. The president's remarks underscore the commitment to addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and garnering international support for the cause.

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