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Ship carrying aid approaching Gaza coast

Effort to deliver food to Gaza brings relief amidst crisis

Source: CNA

The “Open Arms” ship is approaching the coast of Gaza to begin the unloading process, sources told CNA on Friday.

According to information CNA has obtained, the ship of the non-governmental organization "Open Arms", which is carrying 200 tonnes of humanitarian aid, namely food, to Gaza, in cooperation with the NGO World Central Kitchen (WCK), has arrived in the area and is approaching the shore of Gaza to start the unloading process.

International news agencies citing witnesses, report that a ship towing a barge loaded with food arrived off Gaza on Friday.

A second, larger vessel, the “Jennifer”, which is also a WCK mission, and which is at Larnaca Port, was expected to depart for Gaza on Friday. The same sources told CNA, however, that this would be done when the process of loading all the humanitarian aid, 500 tonnes, on the ship was completed. This process started on Thursday.

This is part of Cyprus' "Amalthea" plan, which concerns a maritime corridor for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza via Cyprus.


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