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'Open Arms' ship finally departs with 150 tons of aid for Gaza

Cyprus Maritime corridor launches humanitarian mission to provide vital assistance to civilians in Gaza


Early this morning, the vessel Open Arms embarked on its mission to Gaza, loaded with 150 tonnes of crucial humanitarian aid, including dry food, water, and medical supplies. The initiative is part of the Amalthea project, aiming to deliver assistance to those in need.

Just before 8:30 a.m., the ship positioned itself at the designated port point, where a platform containing the humanitarian aid was securely attached. The journey, estimated to last approximately two days, commenced promptly.

The NGO managing the ship, in a post on platform X, reported that around 200 tons of diverse food items, including rice, flour, pulses, canned vegetables, and protein, have set sail. Collaborating with the UAE and the Cypriot Foreign Ministry, the team is diligently coordinating efforts to maximize the delivery of aid by sea.

President Christodoulides hails Amalthea as a lifeline for civilians

In a statement on platform "X," President Nicos Christodoulides expressed optimism and compassion for the Amalthea project. He emphasized its significance as a journey of hope and humanity, characterizing it as a lifeline for the civilians in Gaza. The departure marks a pivotal moment under the Cyprus Maritime Corridor Initiative, dedicated to providing essential humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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