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President plans proposal to subsidize medical escort expenses

President Nikos Christodoulides aims to reduce the need to send patients abroad, emphasizing the importance of investing in local healthcare infrastructure


President Nikos Christodoulides announced plans to present a proposal on Wednesday to subsidize travel, accommodation, and food expenses for patient escorts abroad.

The announcement came during an event at the Christina A. Apostolou Foundation in Larnaca, where the President also mentioned the upcoming proposal for a "Patient Ombudsman." Christodoulides expressed the goal of reducing the necessity to send patients abroad, aiming for a self-sufficient European state in healthcare.

Emphasizing the need for quality health services within the country, he stressed the importance of investing in healthcare infrastructure. Minister of Health Michalis Damianos shared that in 2023, 1,523 patients were referred abroad for specialized treatment due to the country's limitations in handling certain medical incidents. Damianos highlighted ongoing efforts to strengthen and expand the General Health System.

Source: CNA

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