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Departure of humanitarian aid ship for Gaza imminent

Government Spokesman assures imminent departure, highlighting successful checks and resolution of practical challenges


Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis confirmed on Monday that the departure of a ship laden with humanitarian aid destined for Gaza is imminent.

Speaking to journalists at the Presidential Palace, Letymbiotis stated that the ship's departure is "only a matter of time." He emphasized the positive aspect that thorough checks have been conducted in line with all protocols outlined in the initiative's planning.

Although there were practical challenges, Letymbiotis reassured that they had been successfully resolved. The complexity of the initiative demanded meticulous attention to detail to ensure the vessel's safe departure and the secure delivery of its cargo to Gaza's civilian population.

The initiative, spearheaded by the Cypriot government, aims to establish a maritime corridor for delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza via Cyprus. A vessel from the non-governmental organization "Open Arms" is currently docked at Larnaca port, loaded with approximately 150 tons of dry food, water, and medical supplies.

World Central Kitchen, another NGO, announced a collaboration with "Open Arms," the United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus to transport food to Gaza by sea.

Technical reasons, particularly the unavailability of a docking platform in Gaza, were cited as the primary cause of the delay. The situation is set to be reassessed on Tuesday regarding the ship's departure, awaiting the readiness of the docking platform.

Source: CNA


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