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458 irregular migrants intercepted off Cape Greco

Authorities take swift action, arresting two individuals; Migrants transferred to Pournara Accommodation Centre


In a recent development, a total of 458 irregular migrants were discovered yesterday afternoon aboard six boats off Cape Greco and subsequently transported to the Pournara Accommodation Centre.

Around noon on the previous day, the Port and Maritime Police radar identified six boats carrying irregular migrants in the sea area of Cape Greco. Responding to the situation, vessels from the Coast and Maritime Police reached the area and safely escorted the boats with migrants to the Ayia Napa marina. Following the recording of their details, the migrants were then transferred to the Pournara Accommodation Centre.

Breaking down the figures, the first boat carried 30 individuals, including 18 men, 3 women, 7 children, and 2 unaccompanied persons. The second boat hosted 24 persons, comprising 14 men, 3 women, 5 children, and 2 unaccompanied persons. The third boat accommodated 62 persons, including 36 men, 6 women, 11 children, and 9 unaccompanied persons.

The fourth boat carried 37 persons, with 14 men, 14 women, 4 children, 18 children, and 1 unaccompanied person. The fifth boat had 22 persons, with 14 men, 14 women, 1 child, 3 children, and 4 unaccompanied persons. The sixth boat transported 283 persons, consisting of 162 men, 27 women, 79 children, and 15 unaccompanied persons.

According to information obtained by the Cypriot News Agency, migrants informed the police that the six boats departed from Lebanon, with each passenger paying three thousand dollars to an unidentified individual.

Based on the migrants' statements, the police arrested two individuals—a 31-year-old man from Lebanon and a 23-year-old man from Syria—who were on board the sixth boat. Both individuals are anticipated to appear before the Famagusta District Court today for a detention order.

Source: CNA

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