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16 June, 2024
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A week of tranquil skies and subtle shifts

Mild high pressure holds the reins today, while a whispering low pressure system awaits its turn mid-week


Right now, we're under the influence of a mild high-pressure system, but things might switch up a bit with a weak low-pressure system creeping in from Wednesday.

Picture a mostly clear day ahead. Winds are doing their thing, mostly coming from the northeast to southeast, not too breezy, just a light to moderate touch (think 3 to 4 Beaufort). The sea might get a bit choppy. Temperatures are on the up, hitting around 23 degrees inland, 22 along the coast, and a cooler 16 in the mountains.

Clear skies stick around, with winds changing their tune to the north to northeast. They'll keep it light, occasionally picking up a bit, creating a bit of a ripple on the sea. Nighttime temps will drop to 7 degrees inland, around 10 along the coast, and a chillier 6 up in the mountains.

Wednesday kicks off all clear, but we might see some extra clouds rolling in later. Don't be surprised if you catch a glimpse of some thin dust in the air. Moving into Thursday, expect scattered clouds that could bring a brief shower, mainly in the mountains. Friday might see more clouds, maybe a shower or thunderstorm, especially in the mountains, the middle, and the east.

Wednesday warms up a bit, feeling above average. As we slide into Thursday and Friday, things cool down a tad, but we're still hanging on to temperatures a bit above what's typical for this time of year.

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