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Cyprus maintains low number of new COVID-19 cases

With the second week since first relaxation of measures coming to a close 'without any dramatic turns', Kostrikis said, Cyprus remains optimistic


Coronavirus cases in the Republic of Cyprus rose to 907 on Thursday after two new cases emerged from the processing of 1,659 samples.

The two new cases involve one person who took the initiative to get tested for the virus and one person who falls under a special health group.

“Today’s figures are particularly encouraging,” member of scientific team advising the government, Leondios Kostrikkis said.

“The low transmissibility indicator of the virus, the situation at hospitals, and the reduced number of new cases, confirm the effectiveness of the strategy we have followed and fill us with optimism for what is to come,” Kostrikkis added.

He noted that the second week since the first relaxation of restriction measures is coming to a close without any dramatic turns, “but of course it is not over yet and efforts continue.”

Also speaking at the Health Ministry’s daily coronavirus update, Dr Marios Loizou said that with life gradually returning to normal, “it is preferable that in our daily activities we limit ourselves, initially, to a small circle of contacts and to avoid contacts with many people, particularly strangers.”

Loizou stressed that we should not forget to protect the most vulnerable among us.


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