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Cyprus on alert as powerful storms gather

Strong winds, heavy rain and hailstorms expected as cold front reaches island


A yellow warning has been issued for Wednesday as multiple low pressure systems from the west are moving in bringing heavy showers and possibly hailstorms.

According to weather officials, a yellow weather alert was issued Wednesday effective late morning at 11am through the late afternoon at 5pm, citing isolated thunderstorms with heavy precipitation and possibly hail.

Wednesday skies will remain mostly cloudy, with morning rain expected in the western parts of the island. Later in the day, heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected in other areas as well, with strong winds also in the mix.

Temperature highs will reach 20 degrees Celsius in the interior as well as coastal regions, while it will be 11 high up in the mountains.

Clear skies are expected in the evening with some cloud patches over local areas as well as increasing clouds and rain out west. Snow is expected high up in the mountains.

Temperature lows will drop to 10 degrees in the south and southeast, around 13 elsewhere, while it will be one (1) high up in the mountains where frost is expected to form overnight.

A temperature drop on Thursday will be noticeable while the cold front is expected to affect the island until Friday. Wet conditions will last throughout the rest of the week and early weekend.

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