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Cyprus police report over 320,000 traffic violations in 2023

Authorities highlight speeding, alcohol use, and seat belt offenses among top concerns


The number of traffic violations for 2023 has surpassed 320,000, according to Police data in Cyprus. Speaking on the morning show Alpha Kalimera, Police Spokesman Christos Andreou revealed that for December alone, authorities filed 26,768 complaints related to speeding. He added that among these were 5,900 complaints concerning traffic lights, 505 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 508 for not using a seat belt, 768 for driving with hands-free devices, and 224 for illegal parking in handicapped spaces.

For the entire year, Andreou stated that police members alone had made 59,000 complaints related to speeding, about 4,750 drivers were reported for driving under the influence of alcohol, 775 for traffic light violations, 7,000 for not using a seat belt, and 1,653 motorcycle drivers were not wearing a helmet.

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