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33 fatal accidents before year's end, Cyprus police on high alert

Increased vigilance and stringent measures implemented to curb rising fatalities on the roads.

Source: CNA

To date this year, six days before January 1, 2024, 33 people have lost their lives in 31 fatal accidents, Police Communications Officer, Eleni Constantinou, told CNA on Wednesday, noting that the Police are on high alert these days to prevent fatal and serious accidents.

According to Constantinou, the Cyprus Police are on high alert this year, as every year, during the festive period of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany to ensure the safety of the public and to prevent any criminal acts against citizens.

Unfortunately, she said, the Christmas period was marked by two fatal accidents which resulted in two deaths.

She said that the total number of fatal accidents this year reached 31 with a tragic death toll of 33 people.

"We are already taking additional measures to prevent crime," she said, adding that there will be "a strong police presence especially on the road network and highways until Sunday, January 7, after Epiphany."

Constantinou stressed that police officers will have zero tolerance, particularly when dealing with traffic violations which are the main causes of serious and fatal traffic accidents such as speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, not wearing a seat belt and /or a protective helmet.

She noted that the Police are once again appealing to drivers to be very careful while driving and to comply with traffic signals and the instructions of the Police officers on duty.

Asked about measures taken against terrorism, Constantinou said there are motorized and foot patrols at buildings and various other likely targets. She pointed out that there is so far no information about any terrorist attack in Cyprus, adding that the Cyprus Police are taking appropriate measures.


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