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Committee debates cutting traffic violation fines in half

Parliamentary Committee considers reducing fines from €300 to €150, emphasizing proportionality and fairness


The Parliamentary Committee on Transport convened today to deliberate on the potential reduction of extrajudicial fines for traffic light violations. The Chairman of the Committee, Marinos Mousiouttas, proposed lowering the fine from €300 to €150. After the meeting, Mousiouttas stated that the Ministries of Transport and Justice would review the proposal and provide feedback by mid-January.

Mousiouttas explained that his proposal includes a reduction of the fine to €150, but if the same individual commits the same offense within three years of the first notice, the fine would double to €300. This model would also apply to other penalties in the Highway Code related to mobile phone use, not wearing a seat belt, and not wearing a helmet for motorcycles.

During the discussion, Moussiuttas highlighted the need for proportionality in fines, emphasizing that the current €300 fine applies whether someone stops on the line or crosses it significantly. He argued for a graduated regulation where fines align with the severity of the violation.

The Ministries of Transport and Justice have committed to studying the proposal and presenting a graduated regulation plan for red light violations by January 15. Moussiuttas emphasized the importance of a balanced and proportionate approach to fines.

Additionally, ACPL MP Valentinos Fakontis expressed concerns about the effectiveness of the current traffic light violation fines. He pointed out that fines of €300 for specific violations might be unfair and burdensome for citizens, especially in challenging economic times. Fakontis highlighted the need for cultivating road awareness and culture to prevent road accidents, emphasizing that road safety should be the primary objective of the transportation system. The Committee members are particularly concerned about ex gratia fines, and discussions will continue regarding potential adjustments to fine levels to ensure a fair and effective system.

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