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Who's the key figure in the Kouris river corruption saga?

Water diversion from the Kouris river in Trimiklini raises suspicions of corruption


The Independent Authority against Corruption is swiftly investigating claims of water diversion from the Kouris River in Trimiklini, raising suspicions of corruption involving state officials.

Following media reports, the Authority took proactive steps:

1. Engaging with journalists who covered the issue.
2. Attending a Parliamentary Committee on Environment meeting on October 18, 2023.
3. Conducting a site visit in Trimiklini-Saitta on October 25, 2023.
4. Initiating data collection and communicating with the Audit Office, concurrently investigating.

In response to these developments, the Authority decided to launch an ex-officio investigation, aiming to uncover irregularities over an unspecified period. Former District Court President, Mr. Nikos Yapanas, is appointed as the Inspecting Officer.

The controversy emerged after journalist and researcher Makarios Droussiotis filed a complaint, revealing extensive interventions along the Kouri River bed, diverting water to a private fish farm.

The actions include illegal riverbed intervention, diversion for private use, obstruction of plantains and alders, and a significant impact on the dam's functionality.

As investigations continue, the Authority remains dedicated to gathering crucial information for a thorough inquiry into potential corruption and environmental crimes associated with the water diversion scandal.

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