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Anastasiades under investigation for alleged firearm ownership abuses

Did Former President illegally possess republic's firearms?


In a surprising turn of events, former President Nicos Anastasiades is facing scrutiny over the possession of two firearms that allegedly belong to the Republic of Cyprus.

According to a Philenews' report, The revelation came to light in a special report published by the Audit Service on Police issues, titled "Transfers of Firearms and Ammunition Owned by the Republic to Private Individuals."

The report highlights concerning signs of abuse of power, specifically in the case of transferring two firearms to the same individual. The Audit Service didn't take this lightly and explicitly stated, "Due to the seriousness of the obstruction of our audit of the Republic’s assets and indications of abuse of power related to the specific case of transferring two firearms to the same person, we informed the Anti-Corruption Authority."

According to information obtained by Phileleftheros, the individual in question is none other than the former President, Nicos Anastasiades. The letter sent by the Audit Service to the Anti-Corruption Authority directly refers to this particular case.

The first firearm in question, a USP 9mm pistol with 25 rounds, was granted to Anastasiades in 2004. The justification at the time was threats to his life and his family's safety. Unlike typical firearm license holders who undergo periodic reevaluation, Anastasiades did not face such limits.

The second firearm, a JAWS 9mm, entered his possession in January 2018. Journalist Lazaros Mavros claims this pistol was a gift from the King of Jordan, Abdullah, to the then-President. The critical issue under scrutiny revolves around whether these two firearms can be considered the property of the Republic.

Efforts to clarify and obtain Anastasiades' perspective were unsuccessful. The Audit Service's attempts to gather information from the Cyprus Police regarding the transfer of government firearms to civilians also faced resistance.

The Chief of Police rejected the request, citing legal advice from the Attorney General. This raises broader questions about accountability in firearm licensing, as past inquiries on this matter with the Cyprus Police and the Ministry of Justice have gone unanswered.

The investigation unfolds, shedding light on potential irregularities in firearm ownership and accountability at the highest levels of the Republic of Cyprus.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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