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Anti-corruption probe targets Former President Anastasiades

Investigating corruption claims from 'Mafia State' author


In a pivotal move, the Anti-Corruption Authority has initiated an investigation into corruption allegations surrounding former President Nicos Anastasiades, prompted by revelations in the book "Mafia State" authored by journalist Makarios Droussiotis.

The Transparency Commissioner, Harris Pogiatzis, revealed to "K" that the meticulous study of Droussiotis' book has identified key areas requiring thorough investigation.

Pogiatzis acknowledged the complexity of the inquiry, citing the involvement of numerous individuals, some residing abroad, and the extensive examination of documents provided by the author.

Droussiotis, in a recent post on the MCD, shared insights into his initial meeting with the Anti-Corruption Authority. He conveyed that the focus was on defining the investigation's scope, and he diligently responded to inquiries regarding the documentation.

Notably, Droussiotis disclosed the Authority's intention to engage a reputable foreign investigator for the probe.

Expressing commitment to a transparent process, Droussiotis pledged to furnish all necessary evidence, having already organized testimonial material and secured copies for the impending investigation.

The stage is set for a comprehensive and credible inquiry, shedding light on potential corruption at the highest levels of government.

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