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AKEL urges president to prioritize people's health

Minister blames finance, citizens demand action


In a bold statement, AKEL, a prominent political party, has brought to light the Minister of Health's frustration with the Ministry of Finance.

The minister claims insufficient funds hinder the implementation of vital health policies, exposing a broader governmental disregard for pressing issues within the public health sector.

AKEL's stance is clear: urgent action is needed. The party not only calls on the President to prioritize health matters but also demands immediate solutions to the financial challenges faced by the health ministry.

In a scathing critique, AKEL points out the apparent lack of coordination between ministries, emphasizing that citizens are uninterested in bureaucratic differences.

Instead, the focus should be on delivering the high level of health promised to them, a duty the state is obligated to fulfill.

As AKEL brings attention to these governmental struggles, the call for cohesive and effective solutions becomes more pronounced.

The article dives into the complexities of financial allocations, urging a united effort to address the pressing issues facing the public health sector.

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