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Which meats will cost you less with zero VAT?

Prepare for changes in prices and preferences


In a recent interview, Kostas Livadiotis, president of the butcher association, shed light on the upcoming changes in VAT for various meat products.

Clearing up confusion, Livadiotis emphasized that this adjustment primarily concerns European or international product categorizations and won't directly impact consumers.

Zero VAT will apply to all types of meat, whether frozen or fresh, including poultry, minced meat, and rabbits.

However, it's crucial to note that preparations such as sausages and cold cuts won't fall under this VAT exemption.

Livadiotis also provided insights into the current lamb prices, which stand at 12-14 euros per kilo.

Anticipating a one-euro increase next week, he explained that while lamb might become pricier, the costs of other meats are expected to remain stable. Stay tuned for updates on how these changes might affect your shopping choices.

[With information sourced from Pafos Press]

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