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Cyprus still battered by severe weather

Orange warning in effect but severe phenomena could be hit or miss across the island


An orange warning is in effect in Cyprus, which is still being battered by severe weather that landed hard on the eastern Mediterranean a day earlier.

According to weather reports, a low pressure system southwest of the island is moving eastbound, brushing neighbouring coastal regions and turning north, affecting the whole island until Wednesday, bringing along rain and showers, as well as chances of severe thunderstorms in some areas.

Effects from severe weather could be harsh in some areas, while they are expected to be minimal in many parts of the island

An orange weather alert currently in effect until Tuesday evening at 8pm has been issued as heavy thunderstorms and possible hailstorms were expected in parts of the island with rain accumulation exceeding 55mm per hour.

Officials did not specify areas where weather phenomena were expected to be severe, with reports saying effects were expected to be minimal in some areas while in other parts they could be harsh.

On Monday, supercell thunderstorms were popping up in rural parts west of Nicosia with reports of tornado sightings and damages on property. Supercell thunderstorms, which include mesocyclones known for their deep and persistently rotating updraft, were understood to be part of the wider system affecting the island through midweek.


Tuesday skies will remain mostly cloudy with rain and showers, as well as chances of hail during extreme or extended thunderstorms in some local areas. Temperature highs will reach 15 degrees Celsius inland, 21 out west, around 19 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 8 high up in the mountains. Snow or sleet is expected at the highest elevations both during daytime and in the evening,

Very strong winds

Very strong winds are expected in the evening in some parts of the interior as well as along coastal areas, with temperature lows dropping to 11 degrees inland, around 15 along the coast, and 3 degrees high up in the mountains where frost is also expected to form overnight.

Wet conditions will continue Wednesday morning mainly in the eastern half of the island, while afternoon skies are expected to clear gradually, bringing fair skies for Thursday with some high altitude cloud formations later in the afternoon as well as Friday.

Temperatures are expected to rise above normal averages on Thursday but drop slightly the following day.

Police officials were urging motorists to drive carefully, reminding them to slow down, maintain safe distances from other vehicles, and turn on their headlights in wet conditions or low visibility.

Car drivers should avoid puddles and standing water that can cause vehicles to hydroplane, especially those not traveling at low speeds.

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