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01 April, 2020
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Cyprus still under flood watch

Storms and hail expected as yellow warning remains in effect through Friday


A yellow weather alert continues to be in effect on Thursday, with flooding excepted to continue and precipitation likely exceeding 50 milimetres in a six-hour period.

Afternoon and evening skies will remain partly cloudy with local rain showers and isolated thunderstorms on and off.

Minimum lows will drop down 11° Celsius inland, around 13 in the coastal regions, and 3 degrees on the mountains.

Friday skies will remain partly cloudy with rain showers and isolated thunderstorms in the early part of the day. Maximum highs will reach 17° Celsius inland and around the coastal regions, while it will be 6 degrees on the mountains.

A yellow alert currently in effect is set to expire Friday at 11am. During the warning, all areas on the island remain under a severe weather watch.

Officials said snow could appear in the next few days at the highest elevations on the Troodos Mountain Range.

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