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Cyprus takes the helm in pioneering anchored ship electricity revolution

Leading the charge in sustainable maritime power with the groundbreaking BlueBARGE project


In a pioneering initiative set to transform offshore electricity for anchored ships, Cyprus is taking a leading role in the European BlueBARGE project. The project, spearheaded by the Shipping Deputy Minister Marina Hadjimanoli, focuses on designing and developing an energy barge to provide electricity to moored and anchored ships.

With a budget exceeding 11 million euros, co-financed by CINEA's Horizon Europe program, the BlueBARGE project aims to play a pivotal role in the maritime port sector's electrification and decarbonization goals at the European and international levels.

The project involves fourteen entities from ten European countries, including Cyprus-based companies Multimarine Services and Columbia Shipmanagement, along with Danaos and the classification society ABS, serving as the project coordinator.

During the project presentation in Limassol, Hadjimanoli expressed pride in Cyprus' leadership role, emphasizing the country's commitment to reducing polluting emissions and minimizing the environmental impact of shipping. The BlueBARGE initiative aligns with the broader objectives of the Cyprus government and the Shipping Deputy Ministry.

The equipment adaptations for the BlueBARGE project will take place at Multimarine Services' shipyard in Limassol Port, with testing on a Cypriot-flagged Columbia Shipmanagement vessel at anchorage.

Hadjimanoli highlighted the recent green incentives introduced by the Deputy Ministry to encourage shipowners to reduce emissions and contribute to shipping industry decarbonization. These incentives, including a potential 30% reduction in annual tonnage tax for environmentally conscious shipowners, aim to recognize and reward sustainable shipping practices.

Addressing the challenges of decarbonization in the shipping industry, Hadjimanoli emphasized that innovative solutions like BlueBARGE pave the way for a more sustainable future. The 36-month project is slated for completion in 2026, with plans to commercialize the method by 2030.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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