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Cyprus tourism braces for challenges in 2024

ΣΤΕΚ concerned about fewer flights and uncertain times ahead


The Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises (ΣΤΕΚ) is getting a bit jittery about the upcoming tourist season in 2024. In a recent meeting, they chatted with a representative from Hermes Airports to figure out what's going on.

According to a report, ΣΤΕΚ is concerned because airlines seem to be planning fewer flights to and from Cyprus this year—around 550,000 fewer seats compared to 2023. That's a lot less room for sun-seeking visitors.

Adding to the unease, the situation with tourists from Israel appears uncertain due to ongoing troubles in Gaza.

Furthermore, the potential need for aircraft repairs or grounding adds another layer of complexity to the tourism situation.

ΣΤΕΚ emphasizes the need for serious collaboration among all stakeholders, urging a collective effort to navigate these challenges for the benefit of the tourism sector and the broader economy. A hopeful outlook is anticipated.

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