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Millo | Art Spring Cyprus

Get ready for his latest mural creation in Limassol


Renowned Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, known as Millo, known for his large-scale murals across the globe, is bringing his talent to Cyprus. Millo will be collaborating on the Art Square project in Limassol, a captivating collection of open-air paintings celebrating the beauty of Cyprus's nature and its people. These monumental artworks, towering six floors high, are poised to become iconic landmarks of Limassol, contributing to the city's bid for the esteemed title of European Capital of Culture 2030.

Expressing his excitement about this unique opportunity, Millo says: “While I've had the privilege to paint around the world, my involvement in the Art Square project in Cyprus is truly special. Working from the project's inception has been both challenging and immensely fulfilling. It marks my first endeavor where the canvas itself is tailor-made for my art, drawing inspiration from the rich natural and symbolic tapestry of Cyprus.”

Starting on February 28, the public is invited to witness Millo's creative process firsthand as he brings his vision to life in Limassol. The culmination of this artistic endeavor will be celebrated at the Grand Opening Ceremony on April 6, featuring a presentation of Millo's murals alongside an exhibition showcasing the children's artwork from participating schools. Millo will be present to engage with guests, offering insights into his work and ensuring a vibrant celebration of world-class art in Limassol.

In addition to his artistic contributions, Millo will be conducting a series of workshops for local students from nearby schools, focusing on topics such as creativity, the role of street art in contemporary urban culture, and the harmonious integration of art with architecture. These workshops will offer children the opportunity to engage in hands-on painting under Millo's guidance.

His mural artworks are now visible in China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, Palestine, Jordan, the UK, Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Belarus, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, French Polynesia, Morocco, United States and in all the European countries.

In addition to a production that boasts over 150 mural artworks scattered across all continents, his works on canvas have been exhibited in London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Seoul, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.

His works of art are also part of two permanent museum collections in Berlin and Amsterdam.

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