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Storm and flood warnings for Cyprus

Orange warning issued for Tuesday due to severe weather, strong winds, heavy rain


A severe weather warning has been issued for Tuesday due to heavy thunderstorms expected in the afternoon with rain intensity above normal levels.

Weather officials have issued an orange warning for Tuesday between 12 noon and 6pm, warning the public and local authorities that damage to property and trees might occur while the alert is in effect.

Flash flooding, wind gusts, and hail are also possible during typical orange alerts, with officials saying transport and outdoor activities could be disrupted. Winds are expected to be very strong during severe thunderstorms according to Tuesday’s forecast.

The warning comes two days following epic rains that flooded towns within just a few hours on Sunday, causing power outages and damages to property, blocking roads, and destroying crops in many areas.

Rain locations unpredictable

An unstable air mass combined with low pressure in the eastern Mediterranean is affecting Cyprus this week, with Tuesday skies starting mostly clear in the morning while later in the day clouds and rain, mainly from the east, will appear to be shifting constantly.

Isolated thunderstorms are expected in parts of the island with more intensity between noon and afternoon, while hail is also expected during heavy storms.

Driving conditions

Drivers are being warned of poor weather conditions during thunderstorms and while driving near flooded areas. Motorists should stay clear of roads with layers of water as hydroplaning could occur.

Evening weather will gradually become mostly clear while chances of rain and storms remain high in certain parts, most likely along the eastern coast.


Maximum highs are expected to reach 27° degrees Celsius inland and along the coast, while it will be 19 up in the mountains. Minimum lows will register at 17 degrees in the interior, as well as in the northern and out west, around 19 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 11 up in the mountains.

Similar weather conditions are expected for Wednesday.

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