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Cyprus under flood watch until 6pm

Yellow warning issued due to weather and road conditions


A flood watch is in effect due to heavy rainfall in parts of Cyprus, with authorities saying there are traffic delays due to weather and even electricity outages.

The Cyprus Meteorological Service issued a Yellow Warning on Friday, effective from noon until 6pm, following heavy rainfall and problems with road conditions and power networks.

A Yellow warning tells residents to be aware of possible local floods that typically could be affecting a small number of properties and disrupting outdoor activities

Power outages have also been reported, especially in the Limassol area. 

“An unstable air mass affects the area and intense showers and thunderstorms are expected. In the center of the storms precipitation may exceed 35 millimeters per hour,” the warning said.

What does yellow mean

A Yellow warning basically warns residents to be aware of possible localised flooding affecting typically a small number of properties and disrupting local outdoor activities.

Difficult driving conditions due to reduced visibility and hydroplaning are also included in the warning.

According to police, a driver lost control of his vehicle on the Nicosia-Larnaca highway and struck the guard rail, just outside Alambra. It is believed that weather conditions were a factor while teh driver was taken to Nicosia General Hospital as a precaution. 

Drivers are being warned to maintain low speeds and keep a safe distance from vehicles in front of them. All cars should have their lights on and yield to vehicles in the opposite direction wherever necessary.

Drivers are also warned to be cautious of slippery conditions that can cause vehicles to hydroplane, especially those traveling over 50 kilometres per hour.

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