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Cyprus under severe weather watch

A weather alert is in effect through Wednesday, chance of overnight snow on Troodos


A yellow warning has been issued on Tuesday due to severe weather, as heavy storms that pounded large areas of the island with strong winds flooding, and hail could likely continue.

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The Cyprus Meteorology Department has issued a yellow alert effective Tuesday from 11am through Wednesday 11am, citing heavy rainfall exceeding 35 milimetres per hour that could affect many local areas.

There is a chance of sleet or even snow in the evening up on the mountains at the highest elevations

The yellow alert means that areas affected by poor weather conditions on the island, including the road network and power grid, remain under watch and continue to face risks of flooding and damages caused by severe meteorological phenomena.

On Tuesday around 2am, Nicosia and Limassol were pounded with severe weather, included heavy storms, gale force winds, and hail, resulting to road flooding and property damages.

Weather officials said they expected rain and isolated thunderstorms to continue on Tuesday, while in some areas rainfall could be heavy.

Low barometric pressure will continue to affect areas over Cyprus, with afternoon skies on Tuesday mostly cloudy with high chances of rain and isolated thunderstorms.

Tuesday lows in the single digits

Strong winds are expected to reach 5 points on the Beaufort scale while minimum low temperatures will be 9° Celsius inland, around 13 in the coastal regions, while it will drop down to 4 degrees up in the highest elevations.

There is a chance of sleet or even snow in the evening up on the mountains at the highest elevations.

Hail storm expected on Wednesday

Wednesday skies will remain mostly cloudy with chances of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms, while a hail storm is also expected.

Maximum highs will reach 19 degrees inland, 20 along the coast, and 9 in the mountains.

Clouds will also dominate Thursday skies for the most part while local showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected, with hail not ruled out in heavy stormy weather.

Rain will continue on Friday expected only in the early parts of the day, while Saturday will be partly cloudy with low chances of rain showers and thunderstorms.

Temperatures on the whole will drop slightly as the week progresses, until by the end of the week they reach just below normal averages for this time of the year.

Weather officials did not say whether a yellow warning could be extended. Weather alerts are usually issued for 24-hour periods. Stay tuned to this page for any updates on yellow weather alerts.

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