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Cyprus welcomes 259 new Fire Service members

Minister's call: New firefighters geared up for fire season


Minister of Justice and Public Order, Marios Charalambous, announced the imminent completion of the recruitment process for 259 new firefighters, bolstering the current Fire Service strength of 680 members.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of Class No. 3 Trainee Firefighters, Charalambous highlighted the significant efforts to reinforce the Fire Service amidst evolving challenges, as reported by Philenews.

With 27 Trainee Firefighters from Class No. 3 already onboard since April 5, 2021, and 44 Trainee Firefighters from Class No. 4 undergoing Basic Training, the Minister anticipates the completion of their training by November 2025. Emphasizing the importance of adapting to a changing landscape marked by technological advancements and environmental crises, Charalambous underscored the pivotal role of firefighters in ensuring public safety.

Acknowledging the upcoming fire season, Charalambous urged comprehensive preparedness and collaboration among relevant agencies to mitigate potential wildfires. He commended the dedication of firefighters and pledged continued support for enhancing operational capabilities and infrastructure, aiming to bolster citizens' confidence in the Fire Service.

Expressing optimism for a fire-free season, Charalambous urged vigilance against human-induced fire outbreaks, urging all stakeholders to unite in safeguarding Cyprus's countryside.

[With information sourced from Philenews]


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