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Deputy PM and MP deny explosive bribery claims

Turkish Cypriot Government in crisis amid bribery allegations


In a shocking turn of events, a bribery scandal has erupted in the Turkish Cypriot government, implicating the deputy prime minister and a board member of the development bank.

According to a Yeni Dusen report, Redif Nurel, businessman and vice-chairman of the T/C Democratic Party, alleges that party chairman Fikri Ataoglu and deputy prime minister, sought "gifts" to secure a crucial bank loan.

Similar accusations were also leveled against Hassan Tosunoglu, a member of the board of directors of the development bank.

Both Ataoglu and Tosunoglu vehemently deny the allegations, choosing to appeal to the justice system for resolution. Nurel, who left the National Unity Party in 2020 and ventured into contracting businesses, claims that he was asked for a "consideration" of 500 thousand Turkish lire and an apartment, escalating to a staggering 2.5 million Turkish lira for loan approval.

The backdrop of Nurel's loan request involved a £3.5 million loan from the development bank to complete a project, which faced delays during the pandemic. Forced to seek mediation from Ataoglu and Tosunoglu, Nurel stands firm on his accusations, resisting attempts at intimidation.

In response, the People's Party has called for a judicial investigation into the bribery allegations, emphasizing the urgent need to address corruption for the well-being of the Turkish Cypriot society. The call echoes similar demands from the Republican Turkish Party, highlighting a growing concern over corruption in the occupied territories.

This scandal follows closely on the heels of another bribery case involving the former Turkish Vice President and the leader of the Turkish Cypriots, further intensifying the scrutiny on corruption within the region.

The unfolding legal battle promises to shed light on the intricate web of allegations and its potential impact on the political landscape.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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