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Dive into eBooks on 2023 International Digital Book Reading Day!

Global enthusiasm for digital books soars


OverDrive, the largest e-book distributor in the U.S., established International Digital Book Reading Day in 2014, and it has been celebrated annually on September 18 ever since.

The primary goal of this initiative is to captivate readers with the allure of the new book format. Participants are encouraged to delve into the world of digital books, discuss their literary experiences with friends, and share their thoughts on social media using the hashtag #ebooklove.

This international day of celebration, regardless of its origins, presents an excellent opportunity to explore the realm of books and enhance our experiences as readers. In an era where technology permeates every facet of our lives, digital books open doors to new possibilities and reading opportunities.

A digital book transcends the confines of plain text on a device's screen. It serves as a portal to new realms, as it can incorporate multimedia and interactive elements that enrich the reading experience, offering more than just words.

One of the notable advantages of digital books is their accessibility. With a simple click, readers can access a vast array of books from around the globe, making cultural wealth and knowledge accessible to a global audience, regardless of geographical location or physical limitations.

Furthermore, digital books empower readers to customize their reading experience to suit their individual preferences. They can adjust font size and style, utilize search and note-taking functions, and read on devices that align with their preferences, such as smartphones and tablets.

However, International Digital Book Reading Day should not solely be viewed as an occasion to explore digital books; it should also serve as a reminder to promote reading in general. Regardless of what we choose to read or the format we choose, the essential aspect is to continue discovering, learning, and drawing inspiration from the world of books.

For those interested in digital reading, the Read Library app is available for free download on smartphones and tablets.

- iOS users can find the app here
- Android users can find the app here

Upon downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, users can easily activate it through a straightforward registration process. Registration can be completed by providing an email address or by logging in with a Facebook account. The application stores user preferences, enabling the transfer of books and notes between different devices.

For additional information, please visit the website at

Should you encounter any issues related to the application, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at

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